Thank you to our amazing donors, construction partners, and crew!

To Whom it May Concern:

We are writing this letter to you on behalf of our brother Marc Curto, who was recently paralyzed below his arms in a car accident.

In the early evening of September 18, 2020, Marc was driving alone on Depot Hill Road in Enfield, CT—a quiet, fairly industrial area. Rounding a corner, Marc noticed a pair of headlights fast approaching his vehicle from behind—it was impossible for Marc to react quick enough to avoid what was coming. The driver of the other vehicle recklessly rear-ended Marc at a high rate of speed, sending Marc’s Ford Escape flipping over across the road, severing Marc’s spinal cord in the process.

Thankfully, rescue workers were quick to arrive and bring Marc to St. Francis Hospital in Hartford. Although Marc’s surgical team was able to stabilize his vertebrae, the damage to his spinal cord is permanent. Marc spent about 6 weeks learning how to live into his new reality at the Gaylord Rehabilitation Center in Wallingford, CT, and returned home to us on November 20th.

While we are surrounded by the most generous and supportive friends and family (dubbed “Curto’s Crew”), we understand that the road before us is a long one. 

Our family are humbly asking for your support in the construction of a small (~30’x30’) addition onto our brother Vincent's property in Agawam, MA, that will serve as Marc's new home. This space will need to adhere to ADA compliance standards to allow Marc to remain independent, while never having to be too far from family if he needs help. If there is any way your company would be willing to grant us a small financial donation, we would be forever grateful.

We plan on acknowledging donors to our network of supporters, family, and friends both digitally ( and Facebook), and at a physical event when it is safe to do so.

We hope to hear from you soon.

With utmost appreciation,

The Curto Family